JOEY BARTON seems hung up on Celtic and Scott Brown more than a year after he took his coffee machine and left Glasgow in a huff.

The midfielder who once claimed he would boss the Scottish league and that Brown wasn’t on his level was quickly found out with Scott Brown vanquishing the troll in a 5-1 demolition at Celtic Park.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

Since then  Joey likes to have his wee digs and it’s clear to see his failed stint still haunts him.

Speaking about Broony this morning, he questioned the Celtic Captain’s mental competency.

Warning! Quote beneath lacks any sort of self awareness.

“Has Scott Brown been cheating again?

“Is he the full shilling? We saw him up at Aberdeen the other week and then wearing the shades against Rangers.

“It seems to me he is a little bit short. He doesn’t look the full ticket to me.”

Barton went on to claim he failed in Scotland because the standard is so terrible.

“I have a lot of respect for the history and traditions of Rangers and Celtic but the standard is pathetic up there.

“I left Scottish football because I couldn’t deal with the poor standards all around me and I came back to the Premier League and scored on my debut for Burnley.”

Joey is still hurting by the sounds of it.


    • Was’nt it nice of Broonie to let Barton out of his back pocket to have a dig at him? Broonie has more class in his wee finger than Barton ever had!. As for the sending off on Sunday at Motherwell, if it is alright for Motherwell players to screen and shout at every foul against them, then it is fair play for Celtic players toxins same!. And the guy INTENDED to kick Broonie, then it is a red card!! Full stop!. OFF!

  1. Joey was schooled by Hamilton academy lad in his first game at Ibrokes. I’m sure someone will have the clip of him being nutmegged.
    He was consistently poor. Nothing to do with those around him when he can’t control and pass a ball.
    The guys a proven liar and laughing stock.

    Shows your medals Joey !!!

  2. Barton was found out in in Scotland,he just isn’t a good player Scott Brown had him in his potcket.Barton knows it and the EPL knows it and the Spl knows it.
    Live with it Barton you aren’t good enough.

  3. Oh my Joey just die gracefully like most mediocre players do and just be glad you were gifted the chance to grace the field with players you could only aspire to be like.Sad sad individual.

  4. Wow is wee Joey still hurting or what!
    Found out big time when he came up here. Pish footballer & convicted thug.
    Live with it Joey!

  5. Barton was by far the worst player in the SPFL when he was in Scotland. All the comments above apply to him, but I would suggest that he is the one who, in fact, is one point short of a Toblerone or not the full shilling.
    He is a thoroughly nasty individual with no sense of self awareness.

    A) When someone tells you they are good at something, they are usually not.
    B) When someone suggests that they are not that good at something, they usually are better than they say they are.

    Barton is not very good at football. This fits statement A.
    Barton is a thug and attempts to bully. This fits statement B.

    The standard of football in Scotland was far too good for Barton.

  6. Postscript to above.
    I put Barton in the same category as Diouf.
    Both cowards and bullies with a misplaced sense of their own importance.
    Not sure if Barton spits, however.
    Funny how that club attracts such people.

  7. Life’s but a walking shadow,
    a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.
    It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.


  8. PMSL at that twat Barton even having an opinion that anyone in Scotland would give any credence to. Out and out pr**k. GIRUYYP


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