Former Celtic midfielder and assistant coach John Collins has expressed his thoughts on Eddie Howe possibly becoming the next Celtic manager, stating that the former Bournemouth man ‘fits the bill’. However, Collins also believes that the club can’t wait forever.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound, Collins was full of praise for the 43-year old and how his side played when they were in the English Premier League, so feels he would be an ideal appointment. But he also was quick to point out the problems that the club could face in appointing Howe such as timescale and the appointment of the Director of Football.

“I think Eddie Howe is a terrific manager and I enjoyed watching his Bournemouth team.

“He was a brave coach who never parked the bus and was an entertaining manager.

“He fits the bill for Celtic. But there has to be a timescale. Every supporter and the players are asking ‘when is this going to be concluded?’.

“Celtic want him, he knows he’s in demand so he knows he’s in a strong position. Him asking to bring in a director of football has put Celtic on the back foot.

“I can understand Eddie asking to bring all his staff. But what he’s asking with the director of football is to basically appoint his own boss. I’ve never heard of that in football before.

“So it depends on how important Celtic see that role. They had a director of football last season but for a number of years, they haven’t.

“The big talk was they would appoint a director of football first and then bring the manager in.

“I also don’t think they would want to announce the new appointment leading up to the semi-final. That would take the mind of the coach and the players away from the game. All the spotlight would be on Eddie.

“Maybe they’ll get the weekend’s game out of the way and then announce it.”

Collins assessment of the whole situation probably hits the nail on the head.

Howe is clearly a talented coach and an appointment that would excite the majority of Celtic fans, especially with the brand of football he played during his time at the Cherries.

However, when it comes to the appointment of the director of football, Howe shouldn’t really have any involvement with that, if it is the direction the club are looking to head down.

Of course, these are details that will be being discussed at length between the two parties. Fingers crossed we can find out soon enough, who is the man that will be taking us forward going into next season.



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