Former Celtic midfielder John Collins believes that both Celtic and Rangers can do more to stop mass gatherings from taking place this weekend by banning supporters who turn up outside the ground.

As quoted by the Daily Record speaking on BBC Sportsounds, Collins made the claim, stating that both clubs should be doing more to stop this from taking place ahead of the Glasgow Derby this weekend with fears that mass gatherings of supporters could take place.

“I think the clubs can do more.

“I think if the clubs made a statement, ‘any fan identified outside the football stadium will be banned from the football stadium for a year, and all football stadia’.

“I think that one statement from a club official would really hit home with any fan that loves going along in that stadium.

“It’s a really difficult situation the police are in. They’re in a no-win situation.”

So far both clubs have released statements reiterating the Governments stay at the home message.

But in order to try and get the point across fully, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today stated that they must do more.

Celtic could be in quite a tricky situation with this one as there isn’t too much that can be done about people turning up on Sunday.

They may be forced to go with something similar to what Collins has suggested by threatening to ban all supporters who decide to turn up ahead of the game, to make sure the right action is taken.


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