JOHN HARTSON has told Arsenal they’ve got a bargain in Kieran Tierney and have shortchanged Celtic by at least £5m when you look at the landscape down south.

Tierney signed from Celtic in August for a record breaking amount but John feels that’s what you’re having to pay for just average players – sometimes more for those who are not in Tierney’s league.

The Welshman made it clear it was obviously still good money for Celtic but they should’ve held out for a bit more.

“At £25million, Celtic got good money for Tierney. But if you look at it, and I am being honest here, then Arsenal probably got him on the cheap.” Hartson told SunSport.

“Look at the fact that Manchester United paid £50m for Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and average players are going for £30m or £40m down south.

“Tierney is certainly not an average player.

“I thought Celtic could have held out for another £5m or so.

“But it is still good money they have banked, especially due to the fact Tierney has come through their ranks and hasn’t cost the club a penny.”

Hartson has played for both Arsenal and Celtic during his playing career but certainly fancies himself as a big Celtic fan these days. He is a pundit who will regularly fight Celtic’s corner while others take their soup and criticise at every turn.

Celtic will be hoping Kieran makes an even bigger move in the future in the hope of cashing in a little more.



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