For the past week I have watched Celtic players whip balls into the box, most of the time good perfectly placed passes landing in the danger areas but there never seemed to be a Celtic player to take advantage.

Today after a few more balls whizzed through the Livi box I thought, do we have the kind of player who feeds off these kinds of passes. As I went through the Celtic team in my head, Ryan Christie was the best player I could come up with to attack these balls. But I overlooked one person and John Hartson has just given him a shout out.

French Eddie showed the kind of pass he likes last week against the Rangers, give him a ball to run onto and he will turn a defence inside out and stick the ball in the top corner. Timo Weah is similar, he likes to play on the last man. Fans probably won’t know how much they have missed Griffiths until he is back scoring goals again.


  1. . Celtic make three mistakes when getting a corner.1 they allow there strikers to take it. 2 they make moves before the ball is struck,. 3 and. When its over hit, there is never a player at the back post, that is able to watch the flight of the ball


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