JOHN HARTSON retweeted a video of a horrible decision going against Celtic and posted it with the tag line ‘Been there seen it done it’.

The chat this week from many in the media up in arms because Tom Boyd called out John Beaton for not giving Celtic a penalty has been condemnation of the former Celtic captain.

However, the more ex-Celtic players who are in a position to tell you first hand what they experienced then it paints an entirely different picture.

John Hartson has rocked the boat this morning with his post.

The post he quotes doesn’t subscribe to a conspiracy theory but does say there are just some referees that refuse to give Celtic anything. The video posted is of the semi-final under Ronny Deila where one of the most blatant and obvious penalty decisions went against Celtic that day which ultimately cost the Norwegian his very own treble.


  1. Go Tommy, only saying what he see’s. Is this another ‘honest mistake’ by Mrs Beaton. Her drinking mates will cheer her loudly
    As she enters wae her freshly ironed apron on. WTMITB.

  2. At last CELTIC men stating the OBVIOUS …let.s hear from BEATON and co. Who celebrated in his local yokel with fellow Huns after a disgraceful display of of turning the Nelson eye versus the Paris buns when ignoring all sorts of offences by NEWCO f.c.


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