JOHN HARTSON has hit the nail on the head but time in his latest Evening Times column as he condemns Aberdeen for their actions and temperament during the Scottish Cup Semi Final.

We find ourselves in the very familiar scenario where Celtic players have behaved impeccably against some real viscous challenges, provocation and just general anti-football. But the story is not about how Aberdeen disgraced a semi-final, it’s about how Derek McInnes took the huff with very few people shining a light on his disgrace of a team and how he set up that team on the day.

We’re in a situation where the charge of ‘not acting in the best interests of association football’ can be levied against you and if the SFA had the smallest of clues about what that actually meant or covered, Aberdeen could have very well been in the dock.

Speaking about the behaviour John Hartson nails it:

“LET’S just imagine for a minute that Aberdeen had beaten Celtic 3-0 on Sunday, Celtic had two men sent off and Neil Lennon had been sent to the stand for making a gesture to the crowd. Can you imagine the headlines on Monday morning?

“The police would be getting involved, the SFA would be getting involved, they’d all be saying ‘ban him, sack him, they are out of order, Scott Brown needs to be kicked out of the club.’ The whole country would be going absolutely mental.

“When it comes to the big games, Celtic have the temperament to handle the occasion and anything that their opponents throw at them. It’s a real testament to the players.”

The very late challenge of Ryan Christie’s, elbows flying everywhere with Sam Cosgrove attempting to play football and Lewis Ferguson absolutely losing the head just before his manager did the same.


  1. Big John Hartson Says It As He Has Seen It Same As Every Other Celtic Supporter, Again Our Bhoys Could Have Easily Retaliated Neil Lennon Could Have Retaliated very Easily Against Aberdeen”s Thuggish Behaviour, If That Was Joe Bloggs On The Streets He Would Have Been Arrested and Put Before The Court. The Aberdeen Manager, Assistant Manager & Players Are A Disgrace They Should Take A Long Hard Look At Themselves Because Of Their Actions On The Field Of Play And Also Off The Field Of Play, They Are Looking For Someone To Blame Other Than Themselves, Poor Derek McInnes Being Called Bad Names, Its Like Being Back To School, But Please Sir It Was Not Me , They Started It They Called Me Names That Is Why I Reacted [Blah Blah Blah Oh Didums] And Also Two Of My Players, My Assistant Manager And Myself Got Removed From [The Playground] “The Field Of Play, But Sir I Shall Take My Punishment And I Should Not Have Acted The Way I Did, But Those Bad Bhoys & Ghirls Something Should Be Done Against Them, Our Players, Management And Supporters Behaved Impeccable Before, Duriing And After The Game Had Finished, Derek McInnes & Your Players Were A Disgrace, What Happened To Young Ryan Christie Was Nothing Short As A Physical Assault, Ball Knew Exactly What He Was Going To Do And Carried Out His Actions To Go Out And Deliberately Injure Ryan, Ball Could Have Pulled Out Of This Attack As He Knew That He Could Not And Had No Chance Of Getting To The Ball Before Young Ryan Christie, I Would Like To Take This Time To Wish Ryan A Speedy Recovery And To See Him Playing Again Soon In The Green And White Hoops Of His Beloved Club And His Supporters, So C”mon The Bhoys [IF] Ryan Is Not Fit Enough For The Scottish Cup Final At Hampden, Let”s Call This [We Have Done This For Ryan-T-Shirt] “Scottish Cup Final Winners 2018/2019 Saturday 25th May 2019.


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