FORMER Celtic star John Hartson has voiced his support for the Green Brigade following their ban from home and away matches.

Celtic fans
22nd October 2023; Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh, Scotland; Scottish Premiership Football, Hearts versus Celtic; Celtic fans unveil Palestine flag as the teams emerge for kick off

The ban was imposed by Celtic chiefs due to safety fears, citing a number of incidents.

The topic of the Green Brigade’s conduct and the resulting ban was a point of contention at the AGM, eliciting mixed reactions from those in attendance.

Hartson, speaking on Go Radio, expressed his concern that Celtic and the Green Brigade might be unfairly singled out for scrutiny and sanctions.

Acknowledging that the Green Brigade has had its faults and has incurred fines for Celtic, Hartson also highlighted the need for a broader perspective. He stressed the importance of considering the behaviour of fans from other clubs, suggesting that issues of fan conduct are not unique to Celtic. In his view, all clubs have their share of both positive and disruptive fans.

“It looks like in a way that they are singling Celtic and the Green Brigade out.

“Yes, they have got their faults. Yes, they have cost Celtic a lot of money over the years in fines but also you have to look at other clubs – and I hope they are – because all the clubs will have good eggs and bad eggs.

“In terms of what they sing, how they act; I played in Scotland for five years and I have been at away grounds and heard what they say and what they are chanting.

“I just hope that Celtic are not the only club being looked at. I hope it is looked at across the board as other clubs fans are no angels either.”

It’s still unknown when the Green Brigade’s ban will be lifted.


  1. Come on john its upsetting what we go to Celtic park its to see players playing with one thought concentrate on playing good football not get invovled in politics maybe you should relise your there for football comments you want to talk political use another platform

  2. What a superb group they be . The singing the money raised for good causes. But unfortunately let down by all the other garbage politics can get to you know what . Ban them till they agree to stop . I hate the pyro stuff as well makes me unwell and want to just get out the place . Disgusting

  3. So are Cfc Plc going to remove the flip standing area and replace those rows of such seats with the normal seats like everywhere else??

    Mmmmmm don’t care, they cannot remove the Green”s from outside, when they’re rattling cans nor collecting bags of canned goods.

    A stadium ban won’t stop them from their sparkler and banger displays from outside any stadium??

    That’s up to them and the local Bearded Babylons.


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