JOHN HARTSON has told the BBC Neil Lennon has a major task on his hands trying to keep some of his players happy in the second half of the season and pointed to Leigh Griffiths as an example.

The player posted some images on Social media the day Celtic signed new striker Patryk Klimala. Leigh sending out a defiant message about his status at the club. The player then quickly deleted his Twitter and has come off the platform.

Hartson believes it will be interesting to see if Neil can can keep players not just happy but hungry if they’re not playing week in, week out.

“It will be interesting to see whether there are whispers that he’s really not happy, wants to move, wants more game time, or can Neil persuade him and say there are still opportunities and he still has a major part to play.” Hartson said.

“When you’ve got too many players fighting for a certain position, you are going to get one or two unhappy. That’s when the manager is very important by still keeping them hungry and when they do get that chance, they make sure they are ready.”

Celtic are set for a return to action at the weekend and it will be interesting to see who makes the first squad of 2020.

Leigh should be on the bench, if he’s not it would send alarm bells ringing.

The striker needs to avoid the noise and get his head down. If he can focus and get up to speed he still has a future at Celtic.


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