JOHN KENNEDY has confirmed there’s a good chance he might not be at the club next season with so many moving parts.

Dominic McKay started at Celtic on Monday. McKay, along with Desmond and Lawwell have been tasked with implementing a new structure at the club.

This means a new manager, a new DoF, new scouts, coaches and players.

John has been at the club all his life. From coming through the ranks as a player to taking up coaching and scouting when he had to retire very early in his career.

The interim boss is not a serious candidate for the job but while managers have come and gone, John has stayed with the club.

He’s been part of the Neil Lennon, Ronny Deila and Brendan Rodgers era in one way or another and he’s been behind the scenes long before that.

You talk about Scott Brown leaving and how long he’s been at Parkhead. John was there long before Broony walked through the door.

Speaking to Celtic TV today, asked if this could be his last season at the club Kennedy was honest enough to say it could be on the cards.

And he also confirmed a meeting with the McKay this Friday:

“Yeah, it might. You always have to prepare for that as it’s the same year-on-year if anything changes and depending what’s going on. But it’s not something I overly stress about.

“I focus on what I can control at the moment which is preparing the team.

“Then if a hurdle comes along or a new challenge, whether it’s a change or anything else, I’ll address it and commit to it then.

“I want to just get this period by with and then we’ll go from there.

“My intention has been purely to lead the club through this period. When the time comes, if somebody wants to sit down and have a chat about how the squad is looking, and what everyone is thinking going forward, then we’ll have that conversation.

“But I’m genuinely not stressed about what the future holds for me. I’ll deal with it if it comes long.

“I know in my time here I’ve been fully committed to every position I’ve ever been in. And I’m content with that.

“We’ll deal with that if it comes, but it’s not me sitting on Friday trying to make a pitch. It’s very much an introduction and a general chat and we’ll take it from there.

“The conversation will be a casual one. I’ve never met Dominic McKay before, so it’s very much a chat about things at the club.

“It’s not an interview. It’s not a case of me trying to make a pitch for the job,  that’s never been my intention anyway.”

We just don’t know what’s going to happen with a new manager. The club have to get this sorted so John knows where he stands, he at least deserves that.


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