John Kennedy has lifted the lid on the track side and tunnel spat during the Glasgow Derby game at the end of 2019.

Alfredo Morelos had been sent off at Celtic Park for cheating when the Ibrox assistant manager, Michael Beale went off on one with the officials and then Kennedy.

The cameras show an irate Beale in the face of Kennedy who doesn’t even flinch as he gives some verbal back. This was right at the end of the game and apparently continued up the tunnel.

John played down the incident as he spoke from Celtic’s training base in Dubai.

“Listen, it is an emotional time.” John told SunSport.

“I know Michael very well and I have done since before he came to Rangers. We have spoken in the past and there is no issue with us.

“He was in trouble with the officials, there was a bit of verbals. That’s it, end of.

“To be fair, he was having more with the officials than he was with me.

“It probably looked worse than it actually was.

“There was no real confrontation between me and him. There was a bit of verbals, nothing else. But he and the officials were having a bit together.

“To be fair, we had a wee bit of toing and froing very briefly, but nothing major, and it’s something I’d quite like to put to bed.

“It is an emotional game and that is just the way it goes sometimes.”

Celtic and John are licking their wounds after suffering the defeat at home during the final game of 2019.

The bhoys weren’t good enough on the day and paid the price for it.

Now regrouping in Dubai, Celtic have historically came back from this break rejuvenated and ready to go for the second part of the season.

The club is still in a fantastic position and they must now work hard to make sure they keep top spot in the league. With the Scottish Cup and the Europa League also on the club’s calendar it’s going to be busy in the first half of 2020!


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