Celtic interim boss John Kennedy has sent fans a message ahead of next weekends Glasgow Derby, reiterating the stay at home’ message from the Scottish Government.

In a video released by the club this evening, after talks were held over the last few days between the clubs and the Scottish Government around fears of both sets of fans congregating outside the ground, both Celtic and Rangers have sent out the message of ‘stay at home’.

There have already been several warnings sent out by both the club and also government officials who have been insistent that this game will not go ahead unless there is a guarantee that supporters won’t turn up on the day.

This has left clubs in a bit of a tricky situation with them not being able to do much in that sense, other than send out these videos.

As we speak the game is expected to go ahead as planned, but as we know over the past year or so the Scottish Government can change their minds on many things so it is still a developing situation.


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