Fabrizio Romano has tonight revealed Jordan Larsson has become a free agent – the Swede’s contract with Spartak Moscow being ripped up this summer

Son of legendary Celtic striker Henrik Larsson, Jordan’s career has been followed closely by many Celtic fans who wouldn’t mind seeing Jordan pull on the Hoops at some point in his career.

Others, like myself have opposed such a move because no matter how good Jordan might be in a Celtic jersey, the comparison with his father would always be there and Henrik is deified in Glasgow for what he done while at the club.


Could Jordan make a Hoops Move?

The striker was on the ascendancy and a big part of the Spartak squad until the conflict began. The frontman then moved closer to home on loan with AIK where he played with former Celtic hero Mikael Lustig.

There’s no denying it wouldn’t be an interesting move and Jordan is a big Celtic fan from his younger days.

Ultimately, it would be up to Ange and the recruitment team to decide if he was worth looking at.

The player did reveal it would be a dream to pull on the Hoops one day; as cited by Football Scotland.

“That’s where I have the biggest memories in my head: ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ you have all the scarves before the games and everything so of course it will always have a special place in my heart but at the same time since my father is who he is at the club I think for me personally if I would ever have the chance to play there then I would like to establish myself even more, make my own name before I would play there if that chance would ever come up but of course it’s tempting.” Jordan said.

“Not that they are interested in that sense but If I think about it to be able to play there would be a dream in that sense.”

Celtic are chasing another striker with SunSport claiming the bhoys were already down the road with a couple of forward options for next season.

Do you think it would be a move worth making?



  1. For me it’s a definite NO, nothing against Jordan but as you rightly point out he’s not his dad and if he came then he’d be judged on his dad’s achievements. It wouldn’t be fair on the boy to put that kind of pressure on him and it would affect his game, he’d be trying too hard to emulate Henrik and couldn’t live up to the quality of the best striker we’ve had in the modern era. I think Jordan’s a good player but he’s been injury prone in the last couple of seasons, I hope he finds a new club and I wish him all the best for the future but I doubt very much that it’ll be at Celtic.


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