JORDAN LARSSON has always been a name linked with Celtic since he became a professional footballer. Playing in Sweden for his Dad, many, including myself were wary of Celtic ever signing the striker.

To be the son of Henrik Larsson in any Celtic side would be a very heavy burden. Bein Henrik’s son in general will weigh down on you, but not Jordan! This lad is going from strength to strength in his footballing career.

Playing for Spartak Moscow, the frontman is starting to create waves and earn a list of major admirers.

His standout season with the Russian’s has incredibly got Jordan following in the footsteps of his father by earning a call up to the Sweden squad.

Jordan spent his younger days in Glasgow and is a big Celtic fan of course.

Asked back in December his thoughts on ever playing for Celtic, the Swede was very clear he would want it to be on merit and not because he was the son of Henrik. As quoted by SunSport, Jordan said:

“For me Celtic will always have a special place in my heart.

“Not that I’ve played there in that sense, but it was the first place where I saw football as a young kid going with my mother to see games when my father was playing.

“That’s where I have the biggest memories in my head.

“‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ you have all the scarves before the games and everything so of course it will always have a special place in my heart.

“But at the same time since my father is who he is at the club I think for me personally if I would ever have the chance to play there then I would like to establish myself even more, make my own name before I would play there if that chance would ever come up but of course it’s tempting.

“Not that they are interested in that sense but If I think about it to be able to play there would be a dream in that sense.

“For me my whole life has been about proving I’m a good player, that I’m my own person you know.”

To be honest, the 23-year-old has solidified himself so much over the past 18 months, a move to Celtic wouldn’t look out of place. However, because he’s done so well he could very well be out of our price range.

The burden would still be there no matter what. Henrik Larsson is a God in Glasgow!

Then again, it would give us an excuse to bring back some of the old Larsson tunes.



  1. The lad was solid when I watched him in Helsingborg. I always hoped he would hold a place for Celtic in his heart because he is a talented striker. Now might be the perfect time for a talented young man like himself. If we are knocking in his door.


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