Soccer Football - Scottish Premiership - Celtic v Motherwell - Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain - May 14, 2022 Celtic's Jota celebrates scoring their fourth goal REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

It’s been over two weeks since journalist Scott Burns reported the Jota to Celtic deal was going to be announced. It’s left many people wondering what’s going on and doubting the status of any deal for Jota.

We haven’t heard anything to suggest the deal is in pearl or near collapse. Our sources have been consistent enough to suggest it’s a deal both the club and the player are relaxed about.

We have asked before what the hold up could be. Jota being spotted in New York on holiday was an obvious reason why he wouldn’t be at Celtic park holding a scarf aloft. There are also a lot of important people at Celtic off on their annual leave which could be another reason behind the delay.

As we reported earlier on Monday — we have a new head of marketing coming in next week after Kerry Keenan stepped down. Read More Here.

One theory that I believe has some traction is the impending Adidas announcements.

When we reached out to our sources with regards to Adidas dropping the new trio of Celtic kits — we got a rough timeline.

Potential drop dates; 23rd June for the black and green away jersey With the training gear to follow on 27th June. We then have the home shirt supposedly coming out around 15th July and finally the third kit on 11th August.

Last year they unveiled the away jersey on June 6th, the third kit of July 5th and the home jersey on 13th July.

Given the seismic nature of a permanent Jota deal — from a marketing perspective — it would be ideal to unveil the Portuguese star at the same time as one of the kit drops. It generates an even bigger buzz than what you’d see usually for a Celtic kit announcement.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen.


  1. The deals not in peril you should’ve written, I’m not trying to be a smart arse I just don’t like Celtic sites making mistakes.


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