JOTA has reacted to Celtic fans new song for him and declared he loves it and it’s taken from a song he listened to as a kid.

The Portuguese winger made his return from injury on Monday evening during Celtic’s 2-0 win over Hibernian and was met with rapturous applause as well as a new chant.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

The song goes:

“When you score you make the Celtic sing, Jota on the wing, Jota, Jota on the wing!

“Every time you’re on the ball we know there’s gonna be a goal, our superstar from Portugal.

Celtic fans have been desperate to see the club sign Jota up on a permanent basis but there’s been no indication that will come this month.

There’s been a lot of reports of talks between the two clubs but at the moment it’s all a bit up in the air.

Celtic have an option to buy the winger, but they must match the clause in full and then Jota must agree to sign for the Hoops.

There’s a lot of time between now and the end of the season. Hopefully, the player will feel the love from the Celtic fans and want to stay.


  1. He has got it but he Jota must understand if one day he wants to like his hero then Celtic is a must sign deal so he is the best window to get a move down south,i am sure he understands all that and he will sign a 4 year deal..

  2. Its a wonder he heard it amongst the barrage of IRA songs especially in second half

    There has been peace in Ireland for 25 years, they have moved on so why can’t the GB grow up?

    Its Celtic we go to support, not the IRA


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