We have been hurtling towards this over the past few days and it appears increasingly inevitable Jota will be a PERMANENT Celtic player within the week according to Scottish journalist Scott Burns.

Reports have been leaking from server camps over the past 48 hours. CeltsAreHere were told by a credible source Benfica had no plans for their winger and would allow Jota to complete his Celtic move as long as the club got the first option deal pre-negotiated last season.

RecordSport has got one further tonight and put a timeline on the deal and they now expect Jota to be announced by the end of the week!

Celtic haven’t been the best at holding onto top loan players over the years. The last major deal the club managed was Edouard from PSG after a successful year on loan. Guys like Forster, Moi and Paddy Roberts have all come and gone from their loan deals – all guys the fans wanted to stay at the time.

Jota coming in was never a forgone conclusion but we have all parties singing from the same hymn sheet; Jota wants to come, Celtic want him and Benfica are happy for the deal to go ahead.

We can’t wait to see it be confirmed!


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