The news came out this morning in the print edition of the Daily Mail Ryan Christie was being courted by Norwich and Burnley.

Norwich are on their way back to the EPL while Burnley still have to solidify their status in the league.

John McGarry of the Daily Mail told the Huddle podcast Ryan Christie’s move is more of a formality than anything else at this point. The journalist mentioning Norwich and Burnley again and did mention some overseason interest.

Vitally, he claims Ryan doesn’t seem interested in signing a new Celtic deal.

“Christie has gave no indication at all that he’s inclined to extend his stay [At celtic]. His contract unusualLY expires in January, not next summer.”

“He will move on for a considerable fee, a seven-figure fee.

“There’s interest from overseas, nice were interested last year. I think the player would probably like to move to England.

“It’s just a matter of formalising that move”

Ryan has taken a lot of flak this season, especially for his poor decision making when it comes to shooting from distance.

The midfielder has looked a shadow of his former self who burst onto the scene with Brendan Rodgers.

Unfortunately, Ryan has never really done it in a Glasgow Derby and while he can be a great player it looks like he is at the end of his Celtic career.

He does have the potential to do well down south if coached properly.


  1. Then you need to ask yourself who is the man behind the sale of Celtic players who is pulling the strings telling who to let go,some one is and it must be the new manager working out who he wants out of the club,but hey we are in for major changes now,bring it on


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