EWAN MURRAY had backtracked on the comments he made before the season began.

Headlining a piece he wrote for The GuardianPostecoglou will need to work Celtic miracle to deny Rangers another title”. However, in a tweet on Monday morning, Murray retracted his comments, saying that Celtic’s title win would not be a ‘Miracle’ or ‘Extraordinary’.

He does believe that Ange Postecoglou is worthy of the Manager of the Year award.

Postecoglou inherited a shambles of a football club when he arrived at Parkhead. But he turned things around and Ewan’s comments at the beginning of the season echoed many Hoops supporters who believed the title was a bridge too far.

After a slow start and the league being called in October, Ange’s team now sit top of the league, unbeaten since September.

If you told anyone that Celtic would have been in this situation after the 6-2 defeat to West Ham, when Ewan Murray wrote his article, they would have laughed and asked if Ange was a miracle worker.

Well, Ange Postecoglou has worked a Celtic miracle and denied The Rangers their second title. He got it right the first time but felt the need to try and diminish what’s about to be accomplished.



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