It’s been rumoured for over a year now with not much happening but journalist Stuart Hodge has claimed Dermot Desmond is getting ready to hand over Celtic responsibilities to his son, Ross Desmond.

Ross was again at the AGM this year and has taken a keen interest in the club over the years. Dermot, on the other hand, hasn’t been to a Celtic AGM in fifteen years and only really pops up on our radar when there’s a new manager to be chosen.

Speaking to GiveMeSport, Hodge reckons Ross is going to be one of the main men at Celtic soon enough .

“I think, overall, from what I hear, Dermot Desmond’s looking to hand more and more responsibilities over to his son.” Hodge Said.

Celtic fans haven’t been happy with the governance of the club for quite some time and believe the current board has become complacent and stale over the years. It beggars belief some of them have stayed in their position for so long with no real freshening up at board level.

During the tumultuous months of last season, there were all sorts of rumours floating about. Ross was said to be heading to work at Celtic under a new regime after Lawwell stepped down, but that hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Fans are frustrated our majority shareholder is so disengaged, perhaps Ross would be different.

Ultimately, the only way Celtic fans can affect change is to own more of the club. Something the Celtic Trust is pushing every day.


  1. If true, then this is nothing more than a cat giving a kitten something to toy with, practise for what lies ahead, he is using our club to blood his son, something he can make mistakes with on his learning curve.

    This is all we are to the Desmond Empire.


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