There have been plenty of tears getting necked down by Celtic fans over the past few seasons and yesterday there were Gers tears in abundance.

Celtic never showed up or played anywhere near their best yesterday, this lead to Rangers enjoying all the good stats in the game but not the all-important one. Celtic 1 Rangers 0.

It is probably not fair to say all the Celtic team didn’t show up when Fraser Forster put on a performance that will be talked about for years to come. The fact that Rangers could have won the game by a few goals and the fact they feel the Celtic goal was offside has only raised the jubilation of Celtic fans and increased the hurt of the Ibrox side.

Stany Collymore is a long-time advocate of Celtic and what the club stands for, he knows the kind of bigotry and right-wing views and actions that shame the majority of Gers fans. He’s quick to let them know their place too.

Celtic fans will get a chance to fill their cup again at the end of the month when the two Glasgow teams face off at Paradise in the league. Personally, I prefer the ones where Celtic win by four or five goals, it is much better for my blood pressure.


  1. You got to say you win some cup final games better than that but all are as sweet as the last one,how could you play great football in that rain and mud bath,NL got his tactics right again sit tight if they score we go toe to toe if they can not score we must take our chances and we did the first one of two…

    We have played in cup finals and out played teams and got beat,difference is we find a way to win games now a sign of a great team…


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