BRENDAN RODGERS branded it very poor, Kieran Tierney blasted Motherwell shows no respect and Chris Sutton simply declared ‘justice done’ as the bhoys wrapped all three points up at Celtic Park.

Motherwell chose to take advantage of a situation in a shameless ploy to get themselves back in the game and it could have worked.

With the ball having been kicked out of play so Ryan Christie could receive treatment, the bhoys were waiting for Motherwell to return the ball to them so play could continue. Instead, they advanced slowly then rapidly turned the move into an attack where they managed to shamelessly grab a goal.

Luckily for Celtic, that’s the only goal the Steelmen would manage to score and were put to the sword in the final minutes.

After the game, Sutton took to social media to declare justice was done and that Motherwell got what they deserved. We wholeheartedly agree.


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