MARK WILSON has upset some Celtic fans after admitting he was ‘surprised’ by Craig Gordon’s comments about officials being more transparent in our game.

The row rages on after a farcical start to the season for the SFA who have failed to punish several incidents of violence but have instead reinforced ludicrous sendings off by their own officials.

Craig Gordon merely pointed out the potential to make the whole system more transparent and suggested people declare their allegiance so they do not have a say in a club they support.

This is common practice in Europe and they have been doing it in yeard for England. A referee is not allowed to be in charge of a game if the team they support are playing.

With that in mind, Mark Wilson still says he’s surprised by the Celtic player’s comments and the former Hoops defender is taking a bit of stick for his comments on Clyde Superscoreboard.

The former Celtic man also appears on Celtic TV on a regular basis and some have threatened to cancel their subscription if he continues to appear on the Celtic network.

Some fans are simply calling him a sellout.


  1. Agree with this but another one who should be highlighted is Charlie Nicholas as
    it seems to me he never misses a chance to take a pop at CFC these days. He is
    not happy about something or maybe just jealous of the current success.

    • Tom,Nicholas has been guilty of being over critical of all things Celtic,in his column in the star and whenever the smsm need an “uncle tom” to take the tainted coin and sell out the club he has “supported” since a boy.
      Nicholas joined a long list of ex celts,who were onced worshipped by the Celtic support.but are not welcome any more at Celtic park,by that same support.Another ex hero,who is starting to get over critical in many instances is Chris Sutton,he is going down in my estimation as a Celtic corner fighter,all in order to preserve his tv and press column pay rolls.Tonights Ntcham two yellows,resulting in a red which Sutton said Ntcham totally deserved is a prime example of toeing the party line,no way did he deserve to be sent off,particularly the second yellow,he was trying to win the ball in both the penalised tackles,and after all the furore of the last fewweeks regarding dodgy decisions and compliance officers even dodgier reviews,many regarding Celtic and particular Rangers,the funny handshake mob,couldn’t wait for the slightest opportunity to send off a Celtic plasyer.


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