The noise seems to be ramping up ahead of this Sunday’s Glasgow Derby but former Rangers manager Stuart McCall wants his old side to zip it ahead of the tie.

With so many players coming out confident and the way the players reacted to drawing Celtic in the Scottish cup has raised some eyebrows.

McCall believes they should keep quiet because it could all so easily fall apart.

“There are still a few younger guys getting to know what it’s all about. They won’t have played in this type of game.

“My advice to them would be let your football do the talking. Don’t get caught up in hype.

“I saw the fans turn on Josh Windass the other week after he shushed them at Partick Thistle. And I thought, ‘just keep your mouth shut’ because you can be great for a bit but all you need to do is lose 1-0 and that’s it. Yeah everyone is talking about Rangers, that’s fine but keep the pressure off.”

The Rangers have been very vocal this week about the upcoming match while the Celtic players have been very reserved with any noise coming from ex-players or pundits.

It makes for an intriguing tie but the pressure on the Ibrox side to deliver is great where Celtic have a 6 point cushion and a game in hand which suits the bhoys perfectly fine.


  1. The result at the bouncy castle was to be expected, as St Brendans choice of players and their unity before and after the tile, We’re to be admired.

    The Hoops go into each and every game to change the result with quiet belief, that they will get a result.

    After the debacle of of the ‘killie pies’ incedent.


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