JOHN KENNEDY was disappointed in the inconsistency shown by the referee as Celtic suffered an early sending off because of two yellow cards given out to Callum McGregor in quick succession.

The second challenge was a yellow card but the first challenge was hardly a yellow and Callum was hard done by in that respect.

The midfielder got his marching orders but not before the referee allowed play to continue and the home side took the lead.

We briefly did get back into the tie but after our equaliser, we reverted into ourselves and the game was easily won by the home side.

Speaking after the game, interim Celtic boss John Kennedy revealed he approached the referee Nick Walsh at half time to ask why Callum got his red, he was told both challenges were reckless – John massively disagreed then called out the referee for not applying his same logic elsewhere on the pitch.

“It’s the turning point but again it’s one of those where the second tackle, he’s on a yellow and goes to ground, it’s a red card – that’s not a problem. It’s the first one, the yellow card.” Kennedy told SkySports Live.

“So I said to the referee at half-time ‘what did you book McGregor for?’, and he said ‘a reckless tackle’. Now I don’t see any recklessness in it. He’s on his feet, it’s a genuine attempt to win the ball, and Kent has managed to nip in before him. So there’s nothing reckless in it.

“There’s another incident on the far side. Edouard is breaking through in the final third and gets taken down with the slide tackle. We get a free-kick and that’s it, so there’s no consistency there and that’s the thing I’m most disappointed with. Red cards can happen, but at least make the right calls.”


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