KENNY MILLER of all people is having a go at Leigh Griffiths’ behaviour after the Celtic striker decide he would be best served using the international break to get fit rather than play for Scotland.

The news which has been well received by the Celtic fans has not gone down well with the usual suspects and they seem to be lining up on BBC Sportsound to have a dig at the century striker.

Miller blasted Griffiths for seemingly picking and choosing when he goes on international duty and doesn’t understand why he couldn’t have got fitter during the Scotland camp.

“I’m sure you could speak to the sports scientists or the coaches with the Scotland team.

“If you want to do extra work, you do the extra work that can help you get fitter.

But for me, you don’t pick and choose.

“Scott spoke about game time – he wouldn’t get the same time he’d expect.

“Again, you don’t just turn up when you’re getting the game time you’d expect.

“You turn up to support the team if you’re not playing, give the team whatever you can if you are playing.”

Leigh and Scotland boss Alex McLeish are not on the best of terms and he was hung out to dry by the former EBT man last month against Belgium where he took a lot of flack in the dressing room in front of the rest of the Scotland players.

After being disrespected by the Scotland manager the Celtic striker has chosen to put himself first and make sure he’s ready for Celtic’s title onslaught in the coming months as they fight on four fronts.

Kenny Miller should keep his mouth shut.


  1. WOW any player has the right to pull out of any game if they feel they can not do a job or are ill but talking about behaviour then KM needs to think about behaviour before posting about any one else…

  2. Awww poor wee angry red faced greetin bitter Miller. Kicked out his wee fantasy “ahm the boss heer noo listin tae me” job at Snake Mountain, then booted out of Livingston for being, well, crap.
    Still moaning. Still thinking he’s right. Still pointless. Wee rid face. Awww.

  3. Miller is no role model and should shut his mouth. The fool proved himself useless as a manager, and is the most famous badge kisser in the land. Sad he ever wore the hoops, never Celtic class. A big mouth and his Mrs is another with a big mouth. Perfect for each other. No class whatsoever.

  4. Kenny Miller who’s that arse wipe all you sevco twats need to shut the Fock up MacLeish you are a sad excuse for a manager you where shit for Aberdeen and you’re definitely shit for Scotland they need to get rid off you before it’s to late


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