Yesterday we asked the Celtic support on our social media channels this question.

Some of the answers we got back were very surprising, we took a sample of the players mentioned and made an alternate Celtic squad of players who maybe were under appreciated by the majority of the support. This is all subjective and is by no means a definitive list before anyone gets wound up!

Samaras was mentioned often but we felt the big man was appreciated enough by the Celtic support that he shouldn’t be on this list. Others like Paul Telfer and Regi Blinker were high on peoples list.

Kenny Miller was the biggest surprise to us, many didn’t take to him because of his past club but he did OK at Celtic in his time and there is certainly an argument for him being under appreciated at the time. He’s a player we think the Celtic fans love to hate and we think the feeling is mutual between ourselves and Kenny. It’s admirable at the age of 37 he carries a hopeless sides hopes on his shoulders.

Funnily the first person that came to mind when we originally asked this question was Regi Blinker. What a guy.

Here’s the full team we put together. What do you think this side could achieve?


  1. This side would challenge sevco for the bottom six. This is the sort of side we’d all be protesting the board about.
    Gould achieved something but the rest were rubbish. Except koki mizuno. He was good, didn’t get enough of a chance.

  2. Followed Celtic for 62yrs here a some players who make ur team look like world beaters paddy turner, Hugh Maxwell, rafeal schidt and wullie garner seen worse but getting depressed just putting these down

  3. I`m in my 50`s seen great, good,bad and crap, the majority of the chosen team fall into the latter.You asked what this team could achieve? Very little, a team of bottle merchants. Like the comment before it makes depressing reading, now I know how the sevconians must feel lol. Always look on the bright side, no with a team full of diddy`s lol

  4. Charlie, someone had to have ‘a soft spot’ for them. It’s not ‘a worst team ever’. That could be the next question though ?


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