Forget he has said over and over again he is staying at Celtic, forget the fact he’s just signed a new six-year deal and ignore that the club don’t want to entertain any bid for Kieran Tierney – the English media still have him on a flight down to London or Manchester within seconds of the January window opening.

Why? Because everyone wants to play in the ‘best league in the world’.

The hilarious nature of these news outlets, day after day, telling us that every scout and their granny has been to watch our young left-back and it’s only a matter of time before they pounce. The biggest problem with that is Kieran Tierney would slide tackle every scout and their granny if they tried to rip him away from Celtic.

Speaking yesterday, Kieran jokingly said the six-year deal was a bit too short for his liking and he hopes to emulate the status of a Burns or McNeill.

The English just don’t get it. Why would you stay in Scotland with Celtic, receive all the adulation from a support of which you once were part of, play in fantastic occasions like Tuesday night and win medals along the way – mental eh.

Why wouldn’t you take the money down south at the first opportunity Kieran?

Loyalty in football these days is so scarce, you’re almost looked upon as a social pariah if you display any of the attributes that seen Francesco Totti achieve legendary status with his boyhood heroes Roma.

We never know what’s around the corner in football, but I’m absolutely certain that Kieran Tierney’s long-term future lies with Celtic.



  1. Barcelona Real Madrid Bayern PSG imo are all bigger clubs than Anything in England and before we get Spurs beat Madrid who were terrible on the Night and goal 1 which was 2 yards offside, so if Kt wants to join a big club he might fly over England at some future Date but won’t land to sign in England. HH


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