CELTIC STAR Kieran Tierney was used to help launch the brand new Scotland kit and we have to admit it looks good.

The retro look of the kit seems to be a winner, however, we’re almost positive we wouldn’t look anywhere near as good as KT if we were to get one.

Scotland are currently without a permanent boss with Malky MacKay in temporary charge until the SFA can find a permanent replacement for Gordon Strachan.

Kieran Tierney will be a big part of the squad whoever takes the hot seat. Callum McGregor is also due to get his first Scotland cap on Thursday – pretty criminal it’s taken this long.



  1. I would dearly love for the boy to say this is the last time I will ever pull on this rancid jersey. I only play for one team and that is Celtic. international football is a pile of garbage, it would be better if all Celtic players retired as soon as they hit 20. Risking injury for the Celtic hating SFA, Why? And to play in front of a load of Teuchter Chartered Accountants in Jimmy wigs. Hell no.

  2. To John and Derek, you lads need to get a grip and grow up. If either of you two would have been good enough you would have jumped at the chance to represent Scotland, provided of course that you qualify. I have Irish ancesters but I would loved to have been good enough to play for Celtic and Scotland. Wake up to yourselves and stop being so bitter.


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