KIERAN TIERNEY has put an end to the belief he may need surgery on his hip after rumours were circulating back when he was injured that the player was suffering from something similar to tennis player Andy Murray.

Murray has had to go under the knife to try and save his Tennis career because of a chronic hip injury. While this was going on Kieran was also out with a hip injury with the Celtic manager at the time Brendan Rodgers telling fans he would be back quickly but then weeks turned into months and fans were concerned.

Kieran was out for three months with the problem and he wants to set the record straight about his injury while he’s off on international duty with Scotland in Kazakhstan. The left back finds it amusing whenever he gets told about a rumour that involves him.

“I never came out and said I had a hip injury, but apparently I was going for a hip operation and it was the same one as Andy Murray.” he told RecordSport.

“It’s funny how things grow arms and legs. People say one thing and it leads to another. My mates always send me rumours flying around about me.

“I don’t know where some of it comes from and you learn to take everything with a pinch of salt.

“There was nothing I could do for the problem but rest. The pubis was over-used and there is no operation that would have been helpful in any way.

“After a game you maybe feel a wee bit of pain for a day or so but right now, it’s perfect.

“Perhaps next season with all those games again so tight together it could feel a bit achy, but it’s nothing that’s likely to affect me in the future.

“I was fine to walk around, but I couldn’t play to my full capacity and you need that at Celtic, especially in the left back position when you’re running up and down. That was a big chunk of my game missing.”

Kieran looks back to his best in recent weeks with the defender playing all the minutes he can under new interim boss Neil Lennon.

We hope the player comes back from international duty unscathed for Celtic’s last ten games.


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