CELTIC could be really set to benefit from Kieran Tierney’s next move in the game as reports ramp up over the legitimacy of Real Madrid’s interest in the defender.

Kieran left Celtic over two years ago to head south and play with Arsenal. The left-back has become a fan-favourite in London but is still at a club that is doing very little in the way of challenging for league titles.

The Celtic fan has been doing so well, he has caught the eye of some of the biggest clubs in the game with Real Madrid’s interest stronger than most.

SunSport confirmed the Spanish giants have just completed a month-long review of the player and are seriously looking to sign Kieran in the summer.

Not only would it be an incredible move for Tierney but the sell-on clause could pay dividends for Celtic in a big way; much like the Virgil van Dijk deal to Liverpool.

Celtic fans were surprised when Kieran left Celtic for Arsenal, while they can offer great financial benefits and some good cup runs, their standing in the Premier League isn’t great.

We always thought Arsenal would be a pit stop on the road to a bigger, title challenging club and if he seals a move away from the Emirates this summer, it will be well deserved.



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