KIERAN TIERNEY has been growing up in front of our eyes the past few years.

When you see someone in the public domain that often, it sometimes impairs your ability to see just how much they are growing.

The two pictures side by side today posted by popular social media account @FocusonCeltic shows the stark comparison between when KT got his break in the first team and the amazing transformation the defender has undergone since.

The picture on the right was taken at Celtic’s training ground on Tuesday morning ahead of their second leg against Rosenborg.

The bhoy has been bulking up over the summer, even more so than he did last season.

He wouldn’t look out of place next to some of the world’s best when it comes to looking the part.

His ability and his determination to improve is fantastic to see. I think there’s a few SPFL strikers and wingers about to meet a stronger KT.


  1. KT is world class under BR but remember he was brought to the fore by RD as was McGregor, Forrest and Griffiths who were not featuring under NL.


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