Kieran Tierney’s Football Stock is Rising

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It may have only been a routine win over Kilmarnock in many ways last night, but Kieran Tierney’s rocket that thundered into the back of the net got the attention of not just the fans in attendance, but the wider football community.

Not long after the shot had left the young left back’s boot, the footage was shared on social media and went viral before the final whistle had gone. shared it on our Facebook page last night, and the footage has accrued over a quarter of a million views.

The goal was praised by many neutrals online as a ‘thing of beauty’ with plenty of praise coming Kieran’s way for taking the shot on.

Celtic fans already know the talent this lad possesses but the more he plays, the more noise he makes outside Scotland. The defender has a big future ahead but don’t be surprised if that big future means him captaining Celtic on a regular basis and leading them for years.

This might not seem like a lot to many outsiders, but Kieran is Celtic through and through.


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