KIERAN TIERNEY is not shy about telling you his love for Celtic.

The talented defender is Celtic through and through, so much so he wears Celtic tops when he goes on holiday from time to time!

So when the Europa League presser came around yesterday, and young Kieran was given the responsibility of meeting with the media to answer questions – it was another opportunity to show how much of a Celtic fan he was, all be it inadvertently.

Kieran was asked if the bhoys were prepared for the Europa League battle and the left-back admitted it’s an honour to play in the competition with Celtic even though it’s not the Champions League.

Someone from the media then asked the player who he watched in the Champions League the previous night.

With the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool and PSG playing it was an excellent question to ask – however, I don’t think the press were prepared for the most Celtic fan answer Kieran is likely to give.

Watch below.

The Celtic Musical has been wowing Celtic fans since returning to the Pavillion earlier this month and has the rest of the month to go.

The unique musical looks at the history of Celtic and encourages audience participation. Imagine the rest of the fans surprise on Tuesday night when the Celtic player turned up.



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