KIERAN TIERNEY has paid tribute to Billy McNeill today on the Celtic website and shared the article with just two words on his social media.

Hail Cesar.

The die hard Celtic fan will be feeling it as much as any of us today if not more. The Celtic Legend was present when Kieran signed his first Celtic contract.

There has been a collective outpouring of grief today as it was announced Billy had passed away on Monday evening. The footballing world and not just the Celtic Family have been mourning the loss of one of football’s greats.

Kieran Tierney would have grown up with the stories and the triumphs which Billy McNeill has as both a player and a manager. Like many of us who didn’t see him play, Billy is a mythical figure; he was the embodiment of everything Celtic!

In his death, we celebrate his life and his commitment to Celtic Football Club.

Kieran knows the legendary status which can be achieved here and he’s working on his own legacy at present. However, even he would concede, I don’t think there’s much chance of equalling Billy’s list of accomplishments.


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