UNLESS you have been hiding under a rock you will have, at some point, seen the remarkable musings of Gordon the Killie fan give his very unique take on supporting Ayrshire side Kilmarnock.

Gordon has been posting video blogs for some time where he’s been animated and usually moaning about his side getting beat.

This season, he’s been a bit happier with Steve Clarke’s Kilmarnock revolution which seen the Rugby Park outfit hit the top of the league midweek with both Celtic and The Rangers dropping points.

Here was a clip of him on Wednesday night.

Now compare and contrast this 5 second clip with the one below.

Gordon was at Celtic Park to watch his side not only knocked off the top spot but battered off it by a relentless and ruthless Celtic side who were taking no prisoners.

That is some top quality post-match analysis you just couldn’t get anywhere else but Scottish football.



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