CELTIC FANS are very disappointed with Celtic’s defeat at Rugby Park after a lacklustre performance from most of the team. Two injury setbacks disrupted the game but the Celtic side never really turned up and there’s one player Celtic fans seem to be focussing on – Scott Sinclair.



  1. I’m
    Baffled by the performance today not one player looked that interested it’s a shocker. It was easy for killie and it should have been more. We put up more of a fight at tynecastle it’s a right kick in the teeth but we got what we deserved fuck all. Totally gutted

  2. Sinclair easy target, wot about our tactically astute manager, who has turned us into a worse team than we were before he arrived. Bland, boring, possession based sideways and backwards easy to play against mediocrity. Over coached cos manager is trying to be a tactical smart arse.

  3. If u think wer a worse team than before he came then your a dick. Don’t remember gon unbeatn and winning a treble in the seasons before that. Aye we wur shockn the day but tae cum oot wae sumthin like is a fuckn joke ???

    • So am a dick, last season was special this season we’ve only played well 5 or 6times the football is every bit as bad as under deila and if u can’t c that I’d suggest your the dick big guy

  4. James Forrest was our worst player on the park today . Just as I was thinking he’s turning it around under Rodgers he comes out with this display today . Why why why does he always pass it backwards ? He’s an exciting ( some times ) attacking winger . Take the defender on instead of creating nothing from passing it back 9 times out of 10 . Don’t get me started on his defending .

    • No one was our worst player. Each and every one of them were shite. Rodgers should watch videos of O neils team. His tactics are one dimensional.

  5. No use blaming the pitch. This was a shocking performance. Tactics are a complete shambles. Square and back passing now the norm with the goalie expected to start the attack! One shot on goal with all the fire power we have is a disgrace. The constant changes are having a negative effect on performance and young Odsonne must wonder what he has to do to get two starts in a row. Over to you BR. Where do we go from here?

  6. Leave Sinclair Etc. alone for 2/3 weeks and see what happens, shades of ” O Larson has not scored today” really puts them under presure, makes them desperate to score and not work as a team. Too many having a shot for goal, when passing across the goalmouth would get a result.
    Plenty of great players, but, under constant scrutiny fail to jell.

  7. Forrest has 1 good game in 5 . Stop going backwards and sideways with the passing James . Run at the defenders . Maybe he needs to be sat out for a few games . He was rank rotten today .

  8. They could have played all day and never scored.Played to much in their own half passing back Tierney was the most guilty of passing back Dembele six feet three a long ball now and again might surprise the opposition .

  9. Think folk forget about how bad we were before BR came .. Aye we were shite the day but we wouldn’t be treble winners and in Europe last two seasons without him.. remember that ?

  10. Fu..ing sick of some of our so called fans complaining when the odd result doesn’t go our way,or the performance is not tup to the glory hunters amongst them’s standards.
    I wonder how many of the moaners on here were even at the game or even attend Celtic Park to support the team?
    Many factors affected the result today,the reshuffling of the back four and inevitably the whole team was one,another was the artificial surface,which also contributed to the injuries sustained by Ajer and Boyatta. Some Celtic fans seem to think the team just has turn up to win,and the opposition will just accept that the Celtic players are far superior and therefore the opposition will just stand back and let them play.
    Kilmarnock deserve the plaudits today,Steve Clarke and his players got their tactics right today,but for some Celtic fans to critic B.Rodgers for his tactics are way off the mark,there is no way Brendan and his staff could have fore-seen losing Ajer and Boyatta so early,Celtic actually started the game brightly enough with Musonda looking really sharp when on the ball and not being fouled.re-shuffling of the team put an early stop to that and the team never settled or got going after.
    But what gets me the most,is the amount of abuse Scott Sinclair gets on sites like this,he is our top Scorer with most assists also to his name.He never hides and could only be accused of maybe trying TOO hard,to impress or hit the high standards he has set himself.
    In the meantime in Brendan we trust, HAIL HATL

  11. The ones that don’t attend Celtic Park are mostly old guys who are not fit to get there .And they have probably forgot more about the game than some of these no all’s think they know.

  12. set back these things happen to the best teams christ lost 2 games in a season and half god il take that so stop moaning get behind celtic football club because this club will NEVER WALK ALONE , SO HAIL HAIL TO ALL HOOP FANS EVERYWHERE

  13. Hendrey had good game at the back on his first game but for the rest of the team very poor game I wish the midfielders would have pop or 2 at the gole but we hardly got out of ower on side of the pitch Barry Ferguson game sideways passing and backwards two not good enough hail hail ??? is still there tho ⚽⚽?????????????


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