There is no doubt a lot of Celtic fans are hurting this morning. There was always a chance Brendan Rodgers could leave Celtic before his contract ended. He has won every single domestic trophy on offer.

With three months remaining of the season, he could have easily added two more trophies to that haul. It is the timing of his departure that is bewildering to most Celtic fans this morning. Celtic’s so-called rivals only get to gloat these days when Celtic lose something as opposed to the Ibrox mob winning anything.

Needless to say, the hordes are out in full force this morning looking for scraps once again. One Celtic fan has gone straight for the new clubs jugular to remind them of some home truths.

If you are feeling some sort of hurt, pain or despair this morning after the news that your manager is moving on, imagine waking up to been told your club doesn’t exist anymore. It’s unfathomable, to Celtic fans anyway.

Whatever manager comes in at Celtic Park they are jumping in at the deep end. Any new manager would need at least a few weeks to settle in, Neil Lennon will come back to Paradise with a head start on anyone else. He knows the club, he knows the fans and he knows most of the players. He brought the thunder before and he can bring it again. Neil Lennon winning trophies at Celtic Park will annoy the Ibrox fans more than anything, but I guess they haven’t thought of that.



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