KRIS BOYD was banned from Dens park on Saturday after the Dundee club read the vitriol in his SunSport column towards their loan player Leigh Griffiths.

The Sky Sports employee went on an incredible rant, insisting all the bad things are happening to him now because he wound up Ibrox fans back when Celtic were picking up trophies for fun.

It was a quite incredible diatribe from a man who advocates for mental health.

A Dundee insider told RecordSport: ‘We informed Sky Sports of our decision on Saturday morning that Kris Boyd wouldn’t be getting any pre-match access from anyone at Dundee.

‘Some of the stuff he wrote about Leigh was just ridiculous and out of order. In fairness to Sky Sports, there were no issues and informed us that they would send in another reporter.’

Kris Boyd is anything but an impartial pundit, the former Ibrox player is bitter and can in no way call things down the middle while on a broadcast team.

We don’t advocate for stadium bans if the pundit is just putting forward a negative opinion of the team or a particular player.

But an all out attack on a player via column they’re getting paid for is something quite different. It was malicious and let’s be honest, quite pathetic from Boyd.

Dundee were within their rights to do what they did.

Leigh is currently on loan at Dundee from Celtic


  1. Well done Dundee , good to see someone is standing up for their player ( even if he is still ours ) . Pity no one at Celtic park has a set of balls to do the same thing to the fat bigot .

  2. To Celtic FC, there is no OLD FIRM, There was a 5 way agreement that was a disgrace.
    Can someone at Parkhead please think of the fans instead of MONEY.
    Incidentally, the 12 players we brought in are unlikely to win us anything, with the exceptions of 4/5 who you know who I mean. We are in a bad place, no CEO, injuries by the bucket load, and results, well they speak for themselves. Lord help us if don’t start WINNING.

    Banning the fat lout that is K Boyd, is the best that can happen to him. Make him unlistenable to, highlight every cheap quip, and get him the sack the b@stard.


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