BRENDAN RODGERS to Leicester reports appeared overnight and the potential of the Celtic manager moving at the end of the season is now being debated.

So who did TalkSport Radio call upon to give an opinion on the prospect of this happening Kilmarnock striker/Ibrox Cheerleader Kris Boyd! And would you believe he’s tipped the Celtic manager to leave?

Wishful thinking was in full swing as a current SPFL footballer talks about a current SPFL manager with his club just one point behind them. With absolutely no inside track and a distorted perception of why Brendan Rodgers is here, the former Ibrox striker let it be known to an English audience that the Irishman will fancy it.

“There is potential to create something there with Leicester,” Boyd said to TalkSport as cited by The Record.

“Brendan likes a project there is no doubt about that – you can see what he’s done at other clubs.

“It might be the start of something again for Leicester to stay at the top end of English football.

“But if he’s given the opportunity, then I fully expect him to take it, but there’s no doubt that Celtic fans, the board and the players would want him to stay there until the end of the season.”

The Celtic boss has absolutely dominated Scottish football since coming in; winning every single domestic trophy in his path. There are many people including Boyd who would love to see the back of the Celtic gaffer.

Regardless of Rodgers future plans, there’s no way Kris Boyd can lend any sort of knowledge other than pure conjecture. It’s remarkable this guy is allowed to make these sort of comments, unchallenged by the governing body as he tries to unsettle the Celtic side with his current and former team standing to benefit.


  1. Can someone not shut this fat bag a shite up?? He’s a signed player for another sol team and he spouts off whatever he wants surely there must be something or someone in place to tell him to shut the f#€k up!!!

  2. Kris who? A silly silly man with a real appetite for poisonous rubbish – envy and jealousy at the top of his immature agenda – sad sad individual

  3. Calling Boyd a prick is wrong dead out of order David for one simple reason. He is so thick even the Pricks have told him he is just a bellend and want nothing to do with the deluded fool. HH

  4. Is there no standards or ethics in football , this clown is consistently paraded as a spokesman for the Kilmarnock substitutes bench ,makes imbecile comments regarding other member clubs dressing room splits and speculates with not an ounce of fact , it’s a barrage of shite from every avenue , and he leads it .

  5. Fat boy Boyd is a walking talking pile of sh1te. I sometime wonder what he’s hiding, what he’s ashamed of. What’s he done in the past that makes him talk sh1te all the time. For my money he’s hiding something. The guy is a piece of sh1te.


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