Sky Sports pundit Kris Boyd was advocating Celtic and Aberdeen be docked points because their players breached rules surrounding the virus.

Celtic and Aberdeen weren’t allowed to play for two weeks because of the rule breach but Kris wanted this punishment to go further and to see Celtic docked points.

He told SunSport it would send a message to players and clubs. Thankfully it wasn’t taken up on this occasion but a warning was sent to every club about future conduct.

Now there has been a rule break down where Kris used to play his football, it would be good if we could get his take on the situation.

Should harsher punishments now apply considering clubs have been warned and warned again about their players conduct?

It would stand to reason an investigation will now need to take place with St Mirren charged by the SFA over an outbreak and whether the club has anything to answer with regards to the breach.


  1. I fully expect big Kris to lead the demand for the club/company to be deducted points for this infraction of the covid rules, after all, he has done so previously.

  2. His silence is deafening, let’s hope it stays that way and his employers finally see what a ignorant excuse of a man he really is and rid the media of one more bigot.

  3. Didn’t the Ipox club play when there were restrictions and NO testing on the players had been done. Boyd is a shambles, insulting Leigh G when Boyd is supporting a mental health charity.
    The guy is an absolute bombsite, his mouth moves faster than his brain. We really are in a good place when we get inside Boyd’s head as we have. Let’s face it, there’s plenty of room in his head, as he’s got no brains. The man is a total f@nny!

  4. The company will be penalised 3 points but as the club is a separate entity and because every negative action has a positive reaction, the team, GovanTuttiFluteyRangersAhHateWeeNippyMonBaronessRuthieWheresYerPoppy FC, will benefit from those three points. It’s in the rules.

  5. We got a yellow card as did Aberdeen we all where warned what colour the next card may well be what does KB think about that not much now eh…

  6. Kris should remember his rants go for nothing (just like all of us who never when to college and studied the science of govenrnent) He should keep little Kris in his pants. Didn’t the government say any points deduction was suspended unless the status quo was re-broken?

    KB should affirm that in his bog paper Willie column.


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