KRIS BOYD has told Gers players he would not fear Celtic if he were back playing with the club.

In the usual fashion and the way things work, the bravado and the baseless statements come when there’s not a football to be kicked.

Boyd, who made a bit of an idiot of himself last season calling out Leigh Griffiths and tripping over his words as his favourite club imploded on the pitch is back confident again.

Speaking to SunSport, the player turned pundit thinks Celtic have had too much their own way but they shouldn’t be feared.

“But if I was still a Rangers player, Celtic wouldn’t scare me.

“They’ve been the best team in the country for a while now and you can’t take their success away from them. Even if I’d like to.

“But are they miles ahead of Rangers? Not for me they’re not.”

At the halfway point of last season, Kris Boyd was already tuning up his speech for when Celtic lost the title. Fast forward to now and he’s still writing the same old stuff we’ve been hearing for years.

Celtic stay on top by treating the opposition seriously and never taking anything for granted. We saw his club indulge in celebrations at Celtic Park in December which lacked any sort of self-awareness and gave Celtic a spark.

There’s no entitlement coming out of Celtic, hard work will win ten in a row and if they have any chance of wrestling the title from Celtic, they should fear us.


  1. Once again the sevco its all about winning the close season cup, so a we message to all the sevco propaganda, “Uve Got Nothing”


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