KRIS BOYD has responded to Celtic’s striking statement about his comments in his article in The Sun. Kris did not apologise, but instead wanted to clarify what he had written.

Refusing to apologise and back down, Boyd wrote this late on Friday night in The Sun;

“I wrote: “The fact he managed to get through the 90 minutes without anyone testing out that face mask is another story, but his commitment to the team was tremendous.”

“Some have taken that line to mean I wanted one of the Rangers players to intentionally try and hurt the midfielder. However, that is absolutely and unequivocally not the case. It was simply meant as a criticism of the Rangers players for their failure to get close to McGregor.”

Boyd’s stance is embarrassing, he is refusing to hold his hands up and admit he is in the wrong. His words are in the public domain and are available for everyone to read.

If he meant to question why the Rangers did not get stuck into Celtic, why was McGregor’s face mask he has to wear to protect himself brought into the conversation?

Boyd must face the consequences of his words, if that is a dismissal from Sky, then so be it. His words were simply disgraceful.

Celtic have already made the relevant complaints, it will be interesting to see the outcome of these.

As Limmy says “don’t back down, double down”.




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