KRIS BOYD unleashed ten years of hurt in one article on Saturday morning when he went after his old foe, Leigh Griffiths.

The Sky Sports employee delivered an astonishing diatribe on Leigh after the striker was charged with kicking pyro back into the St Johnstone crowd during a League Cup tie.

Let’s get this clear, I have no time for Leigh Griffiths anymore and he has been a victim of his own downfall in a Celtic jersey. His time has gone at the club, but when he was firing and winning trophies, Kris Boyd was seething.

The monster munch enthusiast casts up Leigh’s Ibrox antics, from tying a scarf on the post to wiping his nose on an Ibrox corner flag – it all comes out in one beautiful ball of hate.

Even though the Ibrox club have won the league, it’s clear Kris has had this on his mind for a long time.

Here’s a taster of the SunSport article:

KARMA has a way of catching up with people.

Leigh Griffiths is about to find that out the hard way at Dens Park.

He was laughing when he tied that Celtic scarf to one of the goalposts at Ibrox a few seasons back.

Grinning from ear to ear during an Old Firm game the day he waved his Irish tricolour from the Broomloan Road Stand.

When he wiped his nose on a Rangers corner flag he thought he was being clever.

Well, let’s see how smart he is when Rangers supporters tell him what they think of him.

Kris has gone off the deep end.

He really shows how inept he is at being impartial at any point and is by far Scotland’s worst pundit – and I don’t say that lightly.

He is, however, the biggest cheerleader and pandering mess this country has when it comes to Scottish football. He loves the adulation of the Ibrox support and wouldn’t dare say anything jeopardise that reality.

Leigh has allowed himself to fall so far, and the rational criticism he’s receiving is just.

This nonsense from Boyd is nothing but PR bile.

Griffiths will see out his loan at Dundee before becoming a free agent in the summer.


  1. Come on Griff,you haven’t contributed to the Hoops cause for several seasons now,you owe us and especially YOURSELF at least one final GET IT RIGHT UP YE to that bile ballooon bigot boyd and his fellow hate filled knuckle draggers,what about the winning goal or three at the bigot dome today son?

  2. We all know wee Griff is so stupid at times but the only way to shut up that bawbag is to score the winning goal today. No matter what happens I thank the weeman for his service and goals for the hoops

  3. Kris Boyd the hypocrite.
    What kind of an existence does he have? Does he have to make comments like this? He is one of the peepul who perpetuate this hate fest.
    It is tiresome, but unfortunately it is what we are exposed to in this wee English colony of ours.

  4. Let’s hope there are plenty pitchside microphones at Dens Park today to pick up the bile that will without doubt be directed at Griff.. . all Boyd has done here is feed the hate towards him..

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