KRIS BOYD was off Sky Sports duties for the Celtic game a week after an online petition emerged to have him removed from being a pundit on Celtic games.

For many, it’s not a petty thing or even because we’ve lost the league this season. It’s a continual biased and unbalanced take from the ex-player which has become a major turn off.

On the face of it, Celtic fans will listen to Ally McCoist when he’s on BT Sport talking about Scottish football because he can be entertaining at times and SOMETIMES unbiased.

Boyd is not entertaining in the slighted, he gets visibly upset if Celtic get a decision their way and regularly trips over his words — it’s painful to watch.

That’s why I and many other Celtic fans literally switch off until kick off. I would recommend to any Celtic fan to tune into a Celtic State of Mind, hosted by Celtic fan Paul John Dykes. The podcast goes live 30 minutes before game time, comes back for half time chat and then covers the game at the end of the night. You can find their YouTube channel here.

Unfortunately, RecordSport report they reached out to see why Boyd was off the Celtic game and it was because he was covering a game for Sky Sports studio elsewhere. There doesn’t seem to be a plan to bin him from all Celtic games.


  1. McCoist entertaining and unbiased??
    He tries so hard to be “funny Ally” everybody’s pal that it’s excruciating I will never forget when his celebrations against us was to gesture how far up his body he had to wade in Fenian blood the man is a sectarian Liar.
    And not to forget “who are these people,name them!”
    So speak for yourself when linking celtic fans with him


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