Kris Boyd is not a pundit, he’s an Ibrox cheerleader. He’s out on TV by Sky producers to intentionally antagonise and stutter his way through a broadcast.

If his gimmick is to play a babbling idiot then he’s got it down to a fine art at this stage.

The former Ibrox striker was incensed Celtic were awarded an offside goal and claimed VAR has to come in immediately. Be careful what you wish for Kris.

If VAR is instituted – less penalties and more red cards will be heading the way of the team he’s most fond of.

Yes, Thursday’s goal was slightly offside but a decision like that is not something Celtic usually get. In fact, it was against Hearts at the beginning of the season when Celtic were denied a legitimate goal at Tynecastle and then went on to lose the game because of it.

The ‘decisions all even themselves out’ Brigade will sleep easy after the decision made at Celtic Park.

Boyd panders to the Ibrox support and tries to wind up the Celtic support as much as possible. He simply can’t be objective and the people who allow him the air time know this.


  1. Hurry up with various see how long his team stayes at the top when the referees can’t side with them and give them all the dodgy decisions in there favour

  2. I cannot see how you can state the goal was offside, their was inches in it either way. That’s why we have got to have VAR in Scottish football. Boyd is trying to set himself up as Sky’s answer to BT’s Chris Sutton but hasn’t the intelligence or wit to succeed in that role.

  3. And Sky wonder why no one watches their crap.

    I watched it on Celtic TV, as listening to Andy Walker and Kris Boyd is not something i would class as being entertained.

    The sooner people stop paying for Sky, the sooner it’ll go out of business.

    If anyone wants a heads up on how to get iptv running, give me a shout, I’d be more than happy to help out in order to put these fellas on the bread line.


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