It was just over a week ago when Kris Boyd was having a go at Celtic fans who were celebrating closing in on a ninth consecutive title after the Ibrox club dropped points against Hearts and Aberdeen – see his SunSport column.

Fast forward a week later and his old club have dropped more points to Kilmarnock. This appears to have broke Kris Boyd’s own arrogance to this point. Pundits should always give an opinion but what they shouldn’t indulge in if they want to have any credibility is wishful thinking. That’s exactly what Boyd and the usual suspects are giving you when they tell you how they’ve cracked Celtic or how the Ibrox club are close to cracking a side who don’t know when they’re beaten.

“I thought that Rangers had found the swagger, the arrogance of, ‘I’m a Rangers player and I can deliver on the big stage’.” the pundit told SunSport.

“They’ve proved they can deliver on the big stage at times, but, over the course of a season, leagues are won by coming to Kilmarnock, Motherwell and Tynecastle and walking away with a swagger.

“That’s been the difference between the two teams since the break. Celtic have rolled up to every ground knowing they are the champions.

“That’s their mindset. Rangers are still chasing. Celtic have the swagger and confidence in what they are doing. Rangers haven’t.”

He doesn’t get to redeem himself as a pundit for pointing out the reality of the situation. In my humble opinion, Boyd is part of a larger issue for people in and around Ibrox who continue to run their mouth but win nothing.

It only takes the tiniest nudge for the Ibrox club to swagger about and had Celtic dropped points to Aberdeen we’d have a completely different take from Kris Boyd today.

Celtic are champions for a reason, we’re staying humble, we’re not getting ahead of ourselves and we have the experience as well as talent to get this league title over the line.


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