Kris Commons has been a fantastic servant to our club, a hard working, intelligent attacking midfielder who dragged Celtic through the season kicking and screaming not so long ago when we needed a hero.

Kris has been a phenomenal signing for the club.

However, the winds of change have seen a new manager come in while Kris has been out with injury. During that time, many other players have stepped in front of him in the queue and Rodgers looks happy with his forward thinking men.

The Celtic manager was asked about the ludicrous Bastian Schweinsteiger rumour in the last transfer window, to which he replied “My players need to be able to run”. This comment cannot bode well for the former Scottish International.

Kris has never been blessed with pace but as he’s getting older it’s more and more evident that he won’t be able to keep up with Rodgers style of play. The only way he could get in the side is if he became more of a holding player, pinging passes to the forward men. This seems unlikely and while sentiment is something us Celtic fans like overly indulge in, it would seem logical that Kris move on in January.

We know he’s looking to gain his coaching badges so if he doesn’t want to continue his playing career he could be an asset to the backroom staff, I just don’t think the midfielder will want to hang up his boots just yet.

The perfect move for him would be to go join Neil Lennon at Hibs where he could still play and get involved in the coaching side.

Whatever his next move is, we must all truly thank him for his contributions to our club. As I said, he gave us a hero when we needed one.

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