Speaking ahead of this weekends Glasgow Derby the former Celtic midfielder turned pundit Kris Commons spoke about the’remarkable’ rise of Graeme Murty’s side.

The regular scorer in Derby games is impressed by the job Graeme has done at Ibrox.

“What he’s done is remarkable, the club was in a bit of a real worrying moment, results weren’t good and attendances were down – it wasn’t nice football to watch under Pedro. Graeme has come in under pressure as an inexperienced manager.”

Kris believes The Rangers are putting a bit of pressure on his old side which he says is difficult to admit.

“It has been numerous years since Rangers (2012) have been anywhere near Celtic and going into this game I think there is an added bit of spice because for once Celtic are kind of under pressure to perform at Ibrox, which is a difficult thing to say.


  1. He’s turning into Andy Walker, or even buffoon extraordinaire himself, Coke-Head Charlie Ridiculous.

  2. There is a bit more pressure on us than previously I think that’s fair to suggest , that said if Murty was given the job at sevco permanently then the pressure on him would increase tenfold, he is still on the honeymoon there for now . He is in a no lose position for now


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