KRIS COMMONS seems to be the gatekeeper of what Celtic players are good enough for the Premier League.

He caused uproar a few weeks back when he declared James Forrest wasn’t good enough to play down south which was met by a lot of pushback by some very big pundits in the Scottish game.

Commons declared Forrest was too inconsistent and didn’t believe he would get into any side down south.

However, Ryan Christie will have to add this onto his growing list of accomplishments because Kris says he’s certainly a player who could move to the Premier League in the future.

“In all honesty, I was a bit sceptical at first. I could see he had ability, but nobody – including himself – seemed to know what his best position was.” Commons told Mail Sport.

“Now his versatility is arguably his greatest strength. He is capable of playing pretty much anywhere across the whole midfield.”

“His insatiable energy has set the tone over recent weeks as Celtic have started to hit top form,” added Commons. “Only he will know how far this can go.

“There’s no reason why he can’t be another multi-million pound player – like his good friend Stuart Armstrong – who wins a move to the English Premier League.”

Why is Commons so obsessed with this being the barometer of what is a good player?

Maybe we should give him a full squad list and he can put a gold star next to the ones who can cut it down south.

Commons has struck up a pundit partnership with Kris Boyd on Sky Sports and their fast becoming the chuckle brothers of Scottish football.


  1. Commons is now off my Christmas card list. Kris, young Ryan is doing something you could not do….play well every week. You were a patchy player. You had some good touches, but they were few and far between. So smart Alec – Commons. you are now history and in fact I have forgotten about you as of now!!!


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